Friday, 7 October 2011

Trail etiquette

Following on from the earlier post about humour between strangers, I started thinking about Rider and Trail etiquette.

Fore!  how are the greens? You can play through if you want. Nice shot, anymore where they came from? The etiquette on the golf course is usually the only feature that keeps me going. I haven't played for over 2 years and am missing the friendly nods and comments. So, why oh why are other roadies becoming so adverse to saying hello and embracing road etiquette? Christ, it even takes some an eternity to raise a finger of their hoods. OK, the roads are bad, but not enough to raise a hand. Some riders should take a steer from these rather splendid chaps at The Tweed run.

When did this change in camaraderie start? If a bunch passed, you would be welcome to join, even if it meant sitting at the back to stay on. That doesn't appear to happen anymore. Even on the trails, fellow mountain bike riders look bloody miserable. Dog walkers say hello, and let's face it, they hate us. Fell runners are in another league altogether. Surely it can't be an air of superiority, then again they are bloody fit.

Just the other day I was riding up Rosie's climb just off the West Highland Way. Rosie is a tough little minx, she ain't tall, but she's well built. Riding a 29er singlespeed over the slippy rocks and deep puddles takes a fair bit of effort. A few happy campers encourage you on, runners don't. Picture the scene, 15+gradient and a runner with gravity on her side coming towards me. Did she move over an inch and let me keep going without having to stop and dab? Nope, she didn't and to add insult to injury, not even a smile or hello. 

Other road users also can't wait to pass, this is another topic for another day, but the cyclesguff mobile home may cause a few tailbacks.

The local rag has an article about the Blane Valley to Lennoxton path. The path has recently been resurfaced and it's great to see all manners of people using it. The author of the article agrees. However, he puts the boot in to cyclists that don't have any thought for other users. You know the type, come flying along behind, pop out last minute and scare the life out of you. Why do people do this? A courtesy shout of, 'hello!' would be nice. The author does miss out on one major point. That point is horse crap. What is it with horse riders? Dog owners need to clean up after their pooch. Is there some law that basically states: Horse riders can allow their steed to crap anyplace, anywhere, anytime?

In an attempt to keep off the fairways and greens, I've started to wave at motorcyclists, guess what, they wave back.  They must have read zero bhp.

This post was brought to you with a Scapa 16yr old Single Malt courtesy of fellow guffer, Routemaster General.

Stay upright chaps

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