Monday, 31 October 2011


Stan Ridgway's Camouflage was on the radio the other night. I can't remember the last time that occurrence took place, maybe something to do with Haloween?

Cyclesguff enjoyed its own camouflage at the weekend, the autumn colours are spectacular.  Rare glimpses of sun light breaking through the trees mixed with the early morning mist and having a bike that fits in is such a treat. So much time of late has been spent off the bike. The sheer pleasure and relief of actually being out on rolling tarmac was bliss. In fact, sheer bliss.  It never fails to amaze me what a simple bike ride can do for state of mind, fitness and appreciation of what is around us.

One of Lemond's best circa 96 Alpe D'Huez
The ride was too short, just over one hour and twenty minutes. During that time, my mind raced through the list of things that must be done in prep for the winter, organised weekends (even weeks) away on the bike, considered the big three for 2012 - La Marmotte, a possible return to Paris - Roubaix and the long overdue North to South run of the West Highland Way. A number of other local/UK events will be in the schedule. These events will not require the same amount of planning and preparation as those above. One thing that they will have in common, is acting as a pulse to the level of fitness. There is also a hankering to ride a few cyclocross events before the seasons up, so my lack of fitness is a big concern at the moment.

This blog also featured heavily in the ride; a few ideas are brewing and guffbike has yet to ride with the aid of gravity. guffbike could go on the hill now but the brakes are yet to be fixed. The result of that first descent would be very scary.

Stay upfright

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