Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bull Ring 2

The Red Bull Minidrome event in Glasgow today is still going on as I type this, young kids, I'll tell ya! Anyway, if you are reading this and you are in Glasgow and it is before 19:00, go along. 

How many checked shirts can you spot?

Red Bull could have done better with the PR, the turn out was pretty lame, pity, as what I witnessed was well worth taking the time out to go along and watch. The atmosphere of the venue and the small crowd where more than up for a spot of fun. The practice rounds had the crowd gasping and cowering as rider after rider either went too close to the edge, or went over in dramatic fashion. Two of the best offs where James Vale and Jake (my first time on a fixie) Roberts. James decided to jump out of the minidrome and land his bike in Parc Ferme, very stylish. 

The chap in the pic above was wearing a fantastic cycling cap. The obligatory H&S - you must wear a helmet - has resulted in this classy piece of kit being covered up, shame. Not too worry, all going well, cyclesguff may have a wee feature on his caps soon.

Stay upright

ps I've been told that the actual event was busier and the atmosphere was ace. Well done to Toms Alsbergs and Chris Vollmer for making the final. In the end, Toms won.

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