Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hong Kong Phono

The screen saver settings on the computer include a random selection of pics from iphoto. This kicks in when the computer hasn't been in use for a minute or two. I've found a simple pleasure in waiting to see what comes on the screen and it's always a good way to calm the kids. 'OK, what do you think it will be next?' This usually starts with themes, objects etc and then resorts to the bizarre processing that kids are so good at. To have a momentary lapse into that abstract world is a great release after a hectic day. It is quite possible that 'bike' would be shouted out, there are quite a few images of two-wheeled dreams on the hard drive . Would they have thought of a bike like this?

The pic was taken in Hong Kong a few years back. I didn't see the rider, although, in my head I have an image of what he looked like. Whoever owns that bike is looking for some attention and it's about time that cyclesguff paid tribute to yet another bike that stops you in your tracks.

Stay upright

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