Thursday, 8 September 2011

zero bhp

The simple things in life are those to cherish and one has to be cracking descent. A descent can be even sweeter if the events prior to the gravity frolics result in you feeling that a 'gentle' tuck and coast is deserved. 

So far, gravity has played a part in cyclesguff. No, it's not the case that we are all showing our age, just look back to the guffbike post. Recent travels, family events and actually going out and riding bikes has resulted in guffbike being neglected. It will roll soon, I promise......Going back even further, there was a post about the 'comic' and scaging the mags. An opportunity arose yesterday to indulge in a spot of free reading. The love of two wheels doesn't start and stop with bikes, it also includes motorbikes. The motorbike in the garage is one very long restoration/cafe racer project. The reason I've not bought a runner, is purely and simply down to the fact that it would enjoy far more attention and freedom on the road. My plan was to use this time to build the bike that has always been in my mind.

Bike magazine is a good read and usually has an article or two that catches the attention, ZERO BHP is a perfect example. The stats: Location. Alpe D'Huez. Weapons of choice. Yamaha R1 Uberbike v 7.5k carbon road bike. The R1 was ridden by a pretty handy circuit racer, the road bike was guided down le Alpe by a former motocross - mtb and road champion. So he knew a thing or two about handling a bike. I'm not going to tell you the outcome, let's just say that it will make you smile.

If you are on the hunt for more crankshafts v cranks have a look at this.

The bike article brought back a memory of a very early date. The poor girl didn't know what to say when I turned up at her house on a tandem with a picnic. The solo 5 mile ride to her house was interesting to say the least and I discovered just how quick a tandem can drop altitude. Towards the end of the date we where full of life and pedalling back to her house. I knew a cracking descent was ahead, the road looked clear and we went for it! The Volvo estate that appeared have way down was the red rag. The driver's face was a picture when he looked to his right and saw to young pups smiling as they flew by. He was eating a choclate bar (don't know what type!!) and missed his mouth completely when he went to take a bite. We laughed so much that a speed wobble started. The girl in question is now my wife. 

Stay upright

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