Wednesday, 31 August 2011

a bit of exotica

In keeping with the recent international posts on cyclesguff it seems only fitting to add a ride that takes us off our beaten track. Ridden on a cyclesguff summer excursion, the Tatzelwurm is a mountain south of Rosenheim in Germany. Starting in the village of Neubeuern the road flows easily with the river until Branenberg where it begins to rise. Initially gentle through a toll gate the road soon ramps up in sections reaching 20%. The most intense section precedes a single lane tunnel with traffic lights so if you are lucky (or maybe not) you get straight through on the green.

The gradient eases a bit after the tunnel meandering through mountain pastures to Tatzelwurm. It is worth the extra effort to take the turn beyond onto the D307 to the Sudelfeld (1097m). The gradient rises again through some switch-backs on broad well kept roads. It is a popular route with motorcyclists too, who are to be seen bent low into the wide expansive curves.
The climb remains at a steady gradient winding as the meters are claimed. There is one shortish section of descent before the road rises again and wiggels to the summit and a chance for photos. 

here be big worms?
The Tatzelwurm is a mythical monster (claw worm) said to be a combination of cat and snake with only two legs at the front. There were none to be seen on this outing but the views back down the valley were reward for the effort on a hot sunny day. The descent was interrupted for a fine coffee in Tatzelwurm itself. Cyclesguff German is not at expert level so coffee and water it had to be before a speedy slink back to Neubeuern for a round trip of 50km and 700m ascent. 

recovery drink

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