Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Strictly bicycles

The tail end of a Hurricane is causing havoc here in the UK, even the Tour of Britain stage from Kendal to Blackpool was cancelled yesterday. One little slimmer of joy was finding out that the Manx-missle was (and possibly still is) a competitive ballroom dancer. Mark Cavendish visited the world famous ballroom in the past to compete and returned yesterday to meet fans. The Saturday night BBC hit Strictly Come Dancing may beckon, and in true Brucey fashion 'Mark, you're my favourite'.

The cyclists and teams response to the cancelled Tour of Britain stage was a sensible one and they even had the decency to enjoy a Ronde round Kendal and meet the fans.

Thankfully the weather didn't deterrent the fans and the crowds lining the streets demonstrated the popularity that cycling is enjoying in the UK. Cycling is a visual treat and I'm sure that we have all been stopped in our tracks by a bike, rider, peleton at some point. If you where in New York recently you may have heard of the unfortunate young cyclist that was arrested for distracting motorists, her skirt was too short. Well folks, you shouldn't have been looking. New York and Glasgow have some similarities, cafe/deli culture being one. A cyclesguff favourite is Where the monkey sleeps on West Regent St.


Lunch time is a mix of creatives, suits, taxi drivers and bike couriers. Add music blaring in the background, a sandwich that will keep you going until midnight and all is well. The couriers have had to deal with some awful weather. We may moan, but at least we don't have to ride our bikes to earn our keep. The pros do, but as seen yesterday, the organisers call the shots when the conditions are grim to point of putting riders at risk.

The monkey's railings are always a source of interest. The bike below stopped me in my tracks and I even forgot about the rain as the love for the bike became very obvious. 

The New York courier scene may have the history and greater following, but if any bikes can match this, please send a pic and it will be posted, darling.

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  1. That's another thing he's got in common with Mario Cipollini. Are you read, step, one, two, three...