Sunday, 10 July 2011

SUNday Post

A number of the cyclesguff team are currently enjoying the sun across the Globe. California, tours across France (no, we are not competing) and looking longingly at the Taurus mountains in Turkey. I've always had liking for the name of a range and that's a good one.

The wonders of modern tech mean that I can catch le tour on satellite tv, but for some reason can't watch eurosport on an iPad. Well, the fab le tour app is doing a great job at providing the updates as I attempt to understand Turkish eurosport. Human endeavour is making up for the politechs. I'm not sure if politics and tech have been merged into one word, but that's a first for me. The soon to be immortal Ray Kurzweil would no doubt have some comment on media and technological singularity. RK predicts that circa 2045, super-intelligent cyborgs will bring an end to the human era and become one with the Universe. I'm sure a few tour riders would be happy with a team car or even a motorbike with a cyborg at the controls.

Back to Le Tour. Thomas Voeckler thoroughly deserves the maillot jaune, he's ridden a blinder since the off. There is always a sense if anger in me when the guy who's put in the effort, pulled people together and had the decency to slow when mayhem was going on behind him doesn't have the glory of winning the stage. Did Sanchez put in as much effort, do Rabobank deserve the stage? Gilbert and Pharmo lotto had the run on them during the spring, so their day had to come. I just hope that Voeckler can hold on to the jersey for the French to enjoy the glory on Bastille Day.

Stay upright

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