Saturday, 16 July 2011

The sound of music

The brinq blokes that are currently shredding the rad in Morzine where in for a treat. A major Harley-Davidson meet was held in the wonderful alpine town, the headliner was, wait for it...Status Quo. I'm sure a few of the brinq blokes are secret fans. In fact one of them, Colin, is a fantastic choir singer. If I had his skill as a singer (and a fraction of his skill on a bike) I would singing on the chair lifts, ridges, you name it. Go on Colin, give the Quo a run for their money. The brinq blokes are a hoot to ride hitherhether it's David providing commentary of himself (read this with the appropriate accent) 'here comes David Wylie from Northern Ireland, he rides the berm superbly and now has a perfect line for the steps', Or the post ride banter over a Mutzig followed by a BBQ at Camp David, you are guaranteed a good time.

My only gravity filled frolic is the flume at the pool. The speed is on the increase, but my 5yr old daughter leaves me in her wake. I have to try her swimming ring, surely she has an unfair advantage.

The pleasure of watching Voeckler in yellow continues and all going well, the Alps look to be in for some fantastic racing. Can he hold onto Paris? Judging by the head scratching that's going on between the Schlek brothers, Evans, Basso and of course, Contador, he could be in for a tough time. Allez, Allez Voeckler,

Stay upright

Ps a sneaky triumph has made it to Morzine disguised as a Harley

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