Thursday, 23 June 2011

I can see blue

Wow, a break in the weather and about bloody time!  The pic wasn't taken on the Summer Solstice, the weather was truly awful. I live at the foot of a famous climb (by local standards) and watched a few brave souls mixing it with the torrential rain on the Solstice. Did I feel guilty, holding my cup of tea watching them go by? In short, no.

Anyway, back to the photo. Location: Just off the West Highland Way, looking out towards Ben Lomond. This is a favourite spot of mine and a photo is taken every time I'm passing. I do my best to set the shot at the same point. The bottom pic is from the depths of winter -5c and the trail is ice. What I would do to see a sky that blue at this time of year. 

The bike of choice was the Gary Fisher Rig 29er SSSS (single speed summer solstice) and is just the ticket for those flowing lines of the West Highland Way and trails close by. It was my first time on the 29er in weeks and my form is not at its best. Hopefully the next few days will offer some time to go out and work on the cycling tan.

Stay upright

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