Saturday, 11 June 2011

Contador Wins 2011 TDF

The question was posed recently on the VCDL podcast of whether it would be fair to strip Bert of his Giro win and one, probably two, TDF wins, having been seen to win the latter two cleanly. Certainly, I don't think he is daft enough to be doping now, whilst an investigation rumbles ineptly on. He will have been subject to rigorous doping controls and still he makes light of the toughest mountain stages.

But the crux of the matter for me is whether Contador should be punished for a positive doping control or punished for the excruciating ineptitude of the UCI. If they have reason to suspect that his exoneration by the RFEC was unwarranted and that he should serve a suspension then they should bloody well get on with it instead of making a mockery of the sport by allowing him to do pretty much whetever he damn well pleases, whilst the UCI, without irony, can come to a decision in their own sweet time and apply a retrospective ban.

It is an injustice beyond words that this can happen and I believe that if he is allowed to race, which he has been, and can prove that he is doing so cleanly, which he has done, then he should retain the fruits of his efforts. The UCI, WADA and all the other governing bodies need to get their collective heads out their arses and get this nonsense sorted. So they've decided to have the hearing in August? Give me a break.

Forget dopers and cheats, the UCI are the biggest criminals in our sport.


  1. I thought it was the Court of Arbitration in Sport that delayed the hearing?
    In any case I think the UCI would have appealed any judgement short of a 2 year ban from the Spanish Federation.
    Like you say though justice delayed is justice denied.
    Crap for Contador and crap for us who watch on not quite sure what to make of his unbelievable riding.

  2. Update. Watching the Tour coverage, it was pointed out that it was Contador's lawyers who asked for more time. It has still taken too long though.