Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sultan and Raisins

Anyone who pedals with me will know that I'm never that far away from a box of raisins. These wee gems have been known to keep the dreaded 'knock' at bay until more carbs can be sourced.

My two daughters have been spotted looking somewhat perplexed when they go for a snack only to find that the bag of raisins has been depleted. I've even discovered that their cereal and fruit bars pack a mean punch. The 'oaties' (or is is stoaties?) bars are also fab, but are impossible to eat when cycling. The 'character building' ride over the Duke's pass in the depths of winter provided a number of opportunities to stop and chew on an oatie. 

Well is just so happens that the raisins have a new ride to enjoy. The Turner Sultan(a) is now built and looking splendid in orange (room for more fruit gags), in fact it is almost the same tone as my 96' Lemond Alpe D'Huez. If the Turner provides half as much enjoyment as the Lemond I'm in for a treat. 

1 comment:

  1. That character building ride extended the limits of the category. It should be known simply as 'That Day' The kind of day that may start well but elements turn against you. Be it rain, wind, temperature, legs, mechanics, kit or some combination of them all. Perhaps the ultimate test in endurance and fortitude. Those who escaped are forever grateful