Sunday, 22 May 2011

Comrie calling

The lovely ride to Comrie was embarked upon yesterday. All started well, a strong southerly was at my tail and showed no signs of loosing its vigour. The route chosen was different to the usual one up over Tak me Doon, Sherffmuir, drop in pass Tulibardine  (Distillery...) take the road heading to Braco and turn right at the junction and then over a gradual climb and a good descent to Comrie. 

This route has it all, fast rolling roads, 17% climbs, technical descents strewn with water, gravel and of course, potholes to keep you on your toes. The moor road after the main Sherrifmuir climbs is a favourite. The views over the west provide the visuals of where you are going, but its the hills the east that have me searching the OS map. There must be some cracking trails and roads in those there hills. 

So, with all this lovely scenery and inspiring landscape why choose a different route? To be honest, I was looking for a change. This time it was over the Crow Road, on towards Kippen. It has to be said at this point that the section of road from the base of the Crow to Fintry is awful, a real shocker and very dangerous.  Come on Stirling Council, sort it out before someone is seriously injured. From Kippen the road takes a series of fast straights and tight turns to Thornhill. It was on this road that the rain started, and boy did it start. I'd been keeping a close eye on the west and the black towers rolling in over the hills. They engulfed everything in their way and soon I was going to experience their plan. From this point the ride became a battle to keep warm and make myself more visible. The Thornhill to Deanston (see a pattern?) road is a wee gem, rolling, quiet and some nice views to boot. A quick dash through Doune, I really have to spend more time in Doune. There are loads of lovely wee shops and a scone league challenger (SLC) must surely be there. After Doune its the back road to Dunblane, again another lovely place with surely a few SLC. On towards Kinbuck, the old Mill is ripe for development, into Braco and then familiar roads to Comrie. 3hrs all in with a strong tail wind and a soaking of epic proportions I arrived at my folks caravan. A fab bowl of broth, good chat and a hot shower and then everything clicked. A bike ride is best served with a welcome at the end. Thanks Ma & Pa.

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