Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Look Mum, no Hans

So far, the travels of this guffer have resulted in very little time in the saddle. Thankfully, a recent work trip to Copenhagen provided the opportunity to explore the city from the perfect spot, a bike saddle. 

The original plan was to post a series of 'just because' pics, but the sheer amount of bike paraphernalia quickly put an end to that plan. Oh, there was also a short trip over the bridge to visit Malmo, Sweden.

chain guard fetish in Malmo. The salads from the shop in the background are delicious

Cykelköket in Malmo is a do-it-yourself-shop where you can fix your bike or build a new from their store of old frames.

and you can accessories to your heart's content

The King of Trackstands

The shop was closed, but will certainly be visited when I return

you can't beat a nice bit of external butting

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