Monday, 7 May 2012

do stickers make you go faster?

Of late, Guffbike has been neglected. The poor wee soul has been slowly oxidizing and loosing precious pressure from the cracked tyres. Not to fear, and as you can see in the pics, a few go faster tweaks have arrived. The decision over which tyres to fit is still ongoing. Does team cyclesguff go for Animal ASM, Primo Comet, Maxxis Miracles, Hookworms or Schwable Kojaks? A recent discussion with none other than Graeme Obree suggests that Kojaks are the best for reducing rolling resistance. Plenty of tea will have been consumed by the time the decision is made. Once the new rubber is fitted to the hoops, a few more runs will have to be logged in order to make the most of an invite to ride a major event this July in the Cairngorms.

The kind invite come from Andy Donald, an old friend and former work colleague from back in the day. Andy will no doubt remember the days when the Aberdonian youth popped into Alpine bikes and asked 'got ony stuckurs?'

Andy and his crew have been running a media collective filming and documenting extreme and gravity sports in the UK. He's also the man behind the newly formed British Isles Gravity Bike Association - BIGBA 

The aims:

Supporting & Promoting Gravity Bike Racing/Riding in the British Isles.

Raising Awareness of Gravity Bikes as a Sport.

Advance the Sport by Establishing and Organising Gravity Racing Events.

Give Help and Advice to Individuals, Groups and Organisations on all aspects of Construction, Racing/Riding & Safety Equipment in Order to Enjoy Gravity Biking in a Safe and Controlled Environment. 

Stay upright and if you have suggestions for tyres, please drop me a line.....

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