Friday, 3 February 2012

roastie toastie

For those of us that have to endure cold climates, rain and wind, protecting the extremities from the elements is essential. Over the years, this cyclesguff rider has lost count of how many overshoes and gloves that have been used and subsequently, never used again. The manufacturers claims and scientific (lab based) tests just don't cut the mustard when it's below freezing, blowing a hoolie and hail is horizontal - just like the other week then.

The best overshoes I've experienced to date are by Endura. Their road overshoe works, plain and simple. Neoprene uppers keep out the wet and retain the warmth, the subtle reflective strips are a welcome detail and the kevlar abrasion proof sole more than comes into its own when I have to succumb to the elements and walk a little.

A few weeks back, for some reason, the zip on left overshoe decided that it had had enough. Not ideal, especially when the guys would be arriving anytime soon for the Sunday morning pedal. My attempt at a quick repair didn't work, so they went on anyway and stayed put, albeit a bit drafty. I contacted Endura and they were happy to take them back and have a look. I only sent them back earlier this week, I'd had enough of triple socks and plastic bags. Upon my arrival home today, an inconspicuous grey parcel was waiting for me. My overshoes had arrived, but not repaired, a brand new pair. Now, I'm maybe being a bit patriotic here, after all Endura are Scottish. Their service from first contact to turn around has been ace. 

Cycling Weekly rated the overshoes at 10/10, Cycling Plus, Recommend Buy 9/10, cyclesguff 10/10 and a special thanks to Ann in Customer Service.

Stay toastie

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  1. aye, Scottish products for Scottish people, err... weather