Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Speed = Distance ÷ Time

The post Tom loved the bike had a reference to a small but incredibly significant component on my Peugeot PH10s. That stem was the starting point of the conversation with Tom. With a few moments to spare, I started to make a few enquiries with family members about whatever happened to my Peugeot? I recall one of my Uncles using it after I'd moved on to another bike. Others think that it was sold to make way for 'yet another bike'. This enquiry was an attempt to find out a little bit more about the stem. The next port of call would be the web. Boy oh boy did it deliver.  Not only are there some wonderful pics of a PH10s on the  excellent puncheur/roubaix site, but the wonderfully titled and explained disraeligears site even has the instructions. Both these sites are well worth a look, but be warned you will be there for sometime.

Cateye also experimented with Stem integration in their early days.

During the search another interesting series of images came up. I've been a big fan of Bontrager for years, primarliy down to his early offerings of beautifully detailed and logically thought out frame designs. I've owned a few Bontys in the past. The deep blue Race Lite below being an all time favourite.

A true steel is real wonderbike

The Race Lite is now in Norway being enjoyed by a fellow enthusiast. Why did I ever move it on? The same reason as the Peugeot, I just wasn't using it. Bikes of that quality deserve to be ridden, the Bonty had quality by the bucket load. Back to the search; the concept below doesn't provide anything new for me. However, Ryan Hahn, Industrial Designer at Trek has brought an old approach back to life with an added dose of joy.

I just love a well put together presentation sheet

If this ever gets to market, it will no doubt be priced at the upper end of the scale and does beg the question about transferability. Then again, if it offers the delight and intro to cycling for others that the CELC provided for me, I hope it sells by the bucket load. It has taken me almost 25 years to appreciate what that stem has resulted in. That appreciation was celebrated by a very satisfying and fitting mix of cultures - a Yamazaki 10 Year Old Malt.

Stay upright

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