Friday, 20 July 2012

citizenship of cycling

The success of Team Sky as they roll across France and the potential for Team GB to start a foundry over the next few weeks will hopefully result in an increased number of riders out enjoying their bikes. The retail environment may go into a crazy spin as people race to snap up late Le Tour bargains and any Olympic promotions. We can only hope that the increase in cyclists on the road will make the Great British motorist become more considerate of the Great British Cyclist.

Most of us, whether on or off road will no doubt take the responsibilities of being on a bike seriously. Traffic laws, respect of the countryside and bikes being kept in working and good nick aside, many of the guffer peleton are parents of young kids. It still amazes me the lack of consideration and room that 'fellow' road users offer when you are out with the young bunch. With a push to have more kids out enjoying physical activity what hope do we have that the riders of tomorrow will gain the confidence to venture out onto the open road?

Thankfully Cycling Scotland have been very active, in their own words 'Cycling Scotland is the national cycle promotion organisation for Scotland.  We’re working to establish cycling as an acceptable, attractive and practical lifestyle option. We want to make Scotland a nation of cyclists.'

tut tut, where's the apostrophe?
Unfortunately, the cynical bones in my body have to be warmed up from the chill that the youngsters enjoying the UK 'majority sport' of football suffer from those that still allow their dogs to crap on the playing fields...

Stay upright

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