Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lucky number 7

What an evening to be out on a bike. The roads where quiet, the temp was in the low 20's and the setting sun was making the most of a wonderful landscape. All was bliss, until, bang, wobble, ohhh!! My favourite wheels, the underated and overlooked Dura Ace 7850 C24 had spat the dummy. A front spoke had decided to sheer at the hub, not the best thing to happen when braking from 35+mph into a 90º left hander. 

To make matters worse, there was no signal on the mobile and what was an enjoyable experience of quiet roads, quickly became a concern. Thankfully, a fellow cyclist who knows a thing or two about trail etiquette offered me the use of his phone. A quick call and Dr Dawson - the shining knight in white VeeDub camper came to the rescue.

Stay upright, I'm amazed that I did after a major wobble.

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