Sunday, 13 May 2012

etapé déjà vu

cyclesguff are recovering from a pretty wild and windy Etapé Caledonia, so this post will be brief. Last years write up finished with:

'Good stuff; stunning scenery, great course, organisation and support from local people out lining the route.
Not so good; group riding on the road not very organised and lack of shared workload frustrating. Some riders used all of the road instead of staying to the left and moving out to overtake.'
The frustration of riders not willing to share the workload was even worse this year, ho hum...
Here's a few pics that don't show 3000+ plus riders on a start line
The owner didn't want to speak, he was more interested in buying a nice malt from Robertson's

A Honda RC30 always deserves a pic, this one just happened to be taking a breather in Pitlochry

 Stay upright

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