Sunday, 19 February 2012

100 Aker wood

Fellow guffer and blogger of oblique intention sent an email sometime back to raise awareness of the ipad app version of the fantastic book cyclepedia. The decision to part with £6.99 on top of the price for the book was money well spent. There is a wonderful tactility about holding and reading the book, (or any for that matter) but this guffer has to confess, the app offers more and is an absolute joy.

My youngest daughter was totally immersed, then again what two year old wouldn't be smitten by the kids Lambretta scooter bike. Now that the channels are established, the app will hopefully be developed and updates brought to market. There is a hope in cyclesguff towers, that edition two will include a reference to Kirkpatrick Macmillan. Also, if Michael Embacher can source one of Graeme Obree's bikes, that would be fantastic. If he can't, Christopher Robin might be able to help. The level of detail, up to date development and endorsement from the great man is surely worth a shout. 

Stay upright

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