Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wet Highland Way

My plan was to write a more comprehensive report on this Guffer's recent foray into the wilderness. Alas, I'm still too knackered! Last weekend's trip along the West Highland Way was brutal. Hopefully the pics will make up for the lack of words. 

oh dear, that's coming our way

Loch Lomond makes an appearance

hike a bike

It wasn't all bad

a view to reflect upon 

a familiar view and a final spot of blue on the Sunday
The decision to ride the WHW from North to South (reverse) in 2 days was logical. The reason being that all the riders live close to the official start in would only be a short ride home. The added warmth of a celebratory Whisky in our bellies would only add to the sense of achievement. We could have done with a few more drams to keep warm on the journey. The West coast of Scotland was hit with a formidable weather front on the Saturday and it accompanied us for the ride. I've never ridden in rain that was so persistent and heavy. Trails and paths became rivers, waterproof clothing became wet and the notion of taking up kayaking became more appealing by the minute. Thankfully, the riders sprits were in fine fettle and the weather was far more agreeable on the Sunday.

Stay upright

Monday, 5 September 2016

retail news

Just in from the Vuelta. Cyclists rush to see Scotsman opening his own German discount store.