Tuesday, 26 July 2016

just because...

This 'just because...' deserves a bit more than a caption. This rig was spotted at the bikers favourite hang out - the Green Whelly Stop, Tyndrum (imagine a friendly, but not so cool highland Ace Cafe that sells some very nice, but over priced whisky and tartan tat). 

The rig was a topic of conversation and a few of the hairy, burly biker brigade were having a good time pointing fingers and laughing out loud. The chicken strips on the bikes rear tyres were considerably less than theirs. I just hope the rider enjoyed the last laugh roasting them on the twisties.

Judging by the zipties and interesting connections to the bike, I came to the conclusion that it was a test rig. I'm maybe being a bit presumptuous and cheeky, but basic materials cradling an old and cheap bike created a sense of a proof of concept prototype - something to learn from, not hugely expensive and could easily be tweaked/junked if something went wrong. What would happen to anyone behind, to the side etc is a different matter!  

I never had the opportunity to speak with the owner of the rig. I'll keep an eye open for a snazzy video of a developed concept on the crowdsourcing platforms. The image of the moto being ridden through Glen Coe, the rider stopping at the ski station, unhooking his doon hill rig and then letting the local team 'feel the burn' is surely worth investing in.

Stay upright