Sunday, 9 August 2015

first of the year

It is not uncommon for there to be reference to the weather on this guff post and here is another post making the same point. Moaning. Again. Yes the weather has indeed been guff this so called summer. So much so that it has taken until this weekend, that's 8 August 2015 for this guffer to experience a bike ride that started and finished in short sleeve jersey, shorts and without getting wet. That's not quite true, I should say without getting rained on. There was plenty surface water running off from the fields to contend with along the way. And it wasn't that warm either come to think of it.
I blame the jet stream for taking a detour through La Manche/English Channel and pulling round some cold Siberian air. Correction. I blame climate change, not as it is often mistakenly called, global warming, since the change of direction has left us here experiencing what can reasonably be called indifferent weather where we are unable to distinguish between any of the 4 seasons. There is a certain irony in this complaint given the eco benefits of cycling. Looks like those telephone holding tunes are going to have to be replaced. No longer will we have the jaunty Vivaldi but instead something a bit more monotone. Come to think of it it has been a wee while since the sounds of Stereolab have graced this house.