Thursday, 6 February 2014

Plans afoot

Guff towers has been quiet of late, but a few guffers are finding fun on shank's pony. Running along local paths and mountain bike routes (roots) certainly makes you view the landscape from a different perspective. The only issue is when you return home, check the strava feed and realise that you are quicker running than cycling! That last statement provides an insight to the amount of time spent in the saddle.

Thankfully, 2014 saddle time is now underway, but has a somewhat vacant feel due to the lack of key dates in the diary. However, there are a few plans - one which will include the The West Highland Way; another tackles a road route that climbs over the famous Bealach na Bà and there is a possibility of another trip to Morzine for some epic mountain biking, this will hopefully offer a chance to catch Le Tour.

One major event that is a favourite of cyclesguff may see this guffer cheering from afar. The 33éme Paris-Roubaix Cyclotourisme takes place on the 8th June. During at a recent Whisky and Cheese guffers get together there was talk of a cycleguff entry. I know that my bike is up to the task, as for me... 

On the subject of bikes, cyclesguff pedalled along to attend the Ben Wilson talk at the Lighthouse. Ben's talk was part of feral studio a Glasgow School of Art, School of Design initiative. A theme that ran through Ben's talk was the rise in bike culture; he's probably too humble to admit this, but he's played an integral part. His energy for designing, engineering, fabrication, playing and the enjoyment of watching others experience his work is infectious. So let's allow his work to do the talking. The rush to buy oxy acetylene torches and place orders with Ceeway is underway.

 Stay upright