Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sequins of events

Guff towers has been pretty hectic of late....highlights of the TdF, one lucky guffer going to watch the TdF, a trip to the big smoke for the NESTA Hands off my Bike awards and not much time to ride bikes..... So, this somewhat disjointed post will hopefully keep things ticking over.

I've been hard pressed to find a replacement for my well traveled (abused) Ortlieb Sling-it courier bag. It's looking a little ragged around the edges, but to be honest, this just adds to the appeal. If I was to replace it, something from Trakke would be high on the list. OK, the price point is on the high side - then again so are a number of inferior products that rely on a well oiled marketing machine to keep the customers coming. The price point almost becomes an insignificance when you see the time, devotion and effort that goes into the production. Add to that, the responsible approach that Trakke apply to dealing with and creating a relationship with suppliers and you have a great product. For those of us that enjoy a healthy pleasure in seeing a passion develop into a business, generating a range a products and gaining a worldwide reputation in the process, please go along The exhibition at the lighthouse for some tonic.

always good to see a lefty

You won't see many sequins on their range of kit, but a well considered dose of Harris Tweed on the Mule bag will keep those in the know happy. 

The exhibition also has an example of Uula Jero's wonderful bikes  (sorry I lost the pic!). However, all is not lost as here's a pic of something that is also of interest. 

We covered one of their bikes sometime back.

A wee trip to big smoke earlier in the month included a stay at the wonderfully appointed easyhotel, I even had a window. Thankfully, good coffee and grub could be found just across the road at Look Mum no hands!  Little did I know that the Rich Mitch exhibition outside in the court yard would present an image that would make a gambling man loose a few quid on how many stage wins.

can't remember where this was taken, but it was close by
And finally, lets not forget customer service;  in an age of faceless web transactions it's a pleasure to receive a wee call with an update - to Ann at Endura, cyclesguff salutes you.

Stay upright

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

the mountain goes...

With the cycling season now at full speed and for those glued to the Tour you may have noticed the array of National Championship jerseys on the roads of Corsica and Nice. The date is now pretty much standardised to the weekend before the Tour so allowing national champions to show off there newly won jerseys should they dare to race 6 days before the Grand Depart. For those of us mere mortals who have to wait in line for our club and team kit we might wonder how the clothing sponsors cope with that short lead in. Still in what was a test event for the commonwealth games in Glasgow in 2014 the city was closed by a swathe of cycling that cut across the city centre from Glasgow Green to the West End. With a fair wheen of top notch riders out there it seemed only right and respectful to go out and witness the spectacle. The start was pretty busy and full of the cycling glitterati including the legendary Brian Palmer. Both the women and the men’s races followed a similar pattern. The elite of the elite women came to the front after 3 laps and stayed there slowly but surely distancing everyone else. In the men an outrageously fast first lap laid the foundations of a cut and by lap three the 6 remaining riders were the ones left to ride out for the win. What a thrill to see this in our own city and to have another chance in 2014. Lizzy Armitsted placed herself to the front for the whole race, took the initiative on the return from the west end and soloed to a fine win. Mark Cavendish glued himself to David Millar's wheel for the dizzying series of laps and after some skirmishes on the final nippy wee hills on lap proved himself a worthy champion when he sprinted home for the win.

tight corner ahead

very tight

'me and cav had an agreement'

'me and davy didn't really talk beforehand'

admiring glances all round

tough at the top