Saturday, 29 June 2013


I'm wondering how many times Orica Greenedge bus will be typed in.........

Friday, 21 June 2013

Road Rash

Not surprisingly, the level of interest in kit and spec of bikes leading up to le Tour has resulted in the usual frenzy of marketing and hype. It seems that we can't get enough of those expertly applied 'prototype' stickers crying out for attention and fighting for the limelight in the comics and web. This guffers go to Tour knowledge bank - Cycling weekly Tour edition isn't any different. Add to that, the recent news of the big players investing in their own wind tunnels and links with experts from other, but related industries will no doubt result in even more aerowave frenzy leading up to and during Le Tour. 

All of this got me thinking.....what will the probike spec be for this weekend's British Road Racing championship in Glasgow? Well, I would suggest that 36h rims (something like an open pro that benefits from a touch of flex and compliance) and 28c section tyres would be a good start. It's fair to say that the route has benefited from some road repairs, but in places, it's still pretty rough - the hell of the west! It will be interesting to see what plans and road repairs the council has in place for the next big road event in 2014. Just watch this space, the six year long Glasgow Council Tax freeze will come to an end.

The route/course has also created a fair amount of discussion and in some quarters, discontent. For those that feel a mega crit is not doing service to the riders, spectators and showing the wonderful countryside that surrounds Glasgow, cyclesguff would like to suggest visiting the carpark on the Crow Rd on the 22nd June. The Robert Millar sportive will be passing by, here's a description from the organiser's site:

The Robert Millar Sportive features some of the best climbs in Central Scotland including the ‘Tak Ma Doon’ and the ‘Crow Road’

This will undoubtedly be one of the classic Sportives on the UK calendar. We have selected a route taking riders through the beautiful scenery of the Trossachs National Park whilst also tackling many of the roads Robert trained on when he was a member of The Glasgow Wheelers including some of the most challenging climbs in central Scotland, the ‘Tak Ma Doon’, ‘Top of the World’ and ‘The Crow Road’. This is a beautiful route starting and finishing in the village of Fintry, travelling through Stirlingshire, negotiating the private road around Loch Katrine and climbing over the Crow Road and Kilsyth Hills for the 95 mile event. We think this is destined to become one of the best sportives in the UK and will be a test for the best. This is fitting in that it celebrates a legend that is Robert Millar whose feats as a cyclist inspired many of the cyclists now competing at international, world and professional level.

Prior to this weekend's champs, a few of modern day pro's may even be spotted training on those roads paying tribute and wishing for the same success that Robert Millar had in 1995.

Stay upright and let's hope for some fantastic racing