Wednesday, 22 August 2012

haste ye back

as we may have mentioned a couple of times cyclesguff manage to get about a bit and some manage more than others. So it is that one of our number, Lindsay, is taking himself and family off to Toronto tomorrow. Knowing his eye for detail we at cyclesguff are sure that he has sorted out everything that he needs to for the year long sojourn. Bike, check, kit, check, shoes, check, helmet, check...
One last item to tick off on what was no doubt a very long list was of course a wee trip round the back yard just to remind him what he will be missing in the flat lands of Toronto, Canada.

We set off out and round to Torrance on Tuesday and as you can see we were accompanied by something of a glowering sky. The quiet roads make this a bit of a guff favorite route either as a step to a longer trip or as a fine run in itself.  The shorter ride is a perfect 'squeezed for time quick run out of a morning run' and despite it's brevity the trip proved to be a veritable cornucopia of all things Scottish. Hills, views, sunshine, clouds and a deluge of rain. Though it was a special treat and on reflection, not especially Scottish warm rain. Having neglected to pack the kayak, I mean honestly!, it made for a challenging return back to the city but one that had us smiling all the way home. Have a great time Lindsay and haste ye back.

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