Sunday, 1 April 2012


It won’t have escaped some of you that part of the guff ethos includes a certain eye for detail. Whether in bike design, publications, tasty kit or route profiles each of us brings our own subtle influence to bear.
It plays out in our choice of bike and equipment and we rarely ride the same components or kit. There is however one exception and that is our choice of Continental tyres.

We consider these tyres to be quality items that offer good puncture protection, grip and minimal rolling resistance. Perhaps in keeping with German precision engineering, there is a direction arrow on the tyres advising the user of the preferred direction of travel. This generous assistance has exposed a failure to follow instruction and compromised abilities in the guff camp.

In one of the final summer runs of 2011 a shameful truth was revealed when the direction arrow on a tyre was spotted pointing backwards. In a scandalous failure to follow manufacturer guidance the tyre had been fitted the wrong way. I am sure you will agree that this is not appropriate guff behaviour. It has far reaching consequences that have taken some time to realise.

the horror >
Just as the cyclesguff team bring different perspectives to bear on kit there are differences in our riding skills with a healthy mix of rouleur, baroudeur, puncheur, grimpeur, tester. Descending however remains the realm of one guffer in particular. Alas this is the same guffer that has shown an aversion to instruction manuals and his guff gaffe has now been exposed.

The milder weather allows rider and bike out of storage and testing on higher routes with longer climbs and descents. In the faltering spring sun there has been a great fall from grace. This once great descender is no more. Now that the tyres are pointing in the right direction, frankly, the poor chap cannot descend for toffee. Let that be a chastening lesson.

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