Friday, 27 April 2012

Cycle Loopy

It easy to get in the habit of riding the same routes over and over without really thinking. Accordingly there is a supreme pleasure when with a little effort and imagination you chose to take a new turn just to see what's there. So it is with this looping run that heads for a cyclesguff staple of Gleniffer braes but with added deviantion. With minimal if circular tweaking we arrive at multiple and varied climbs rolling in the sinuous hills and valleys that head towards the coast. Having discovered these delights so close to hand we were not for leaving until we had skirted up and down each side skateboard pipe style. Proof it it were needed in the stats of 950m climbing in just 40 miles/64km the route includes a killer climb recently featured by John McKendrick A Cyclist's Guide to Hillclimbs on Scottish Lowlwand Roads and a number of chevrons on the OS maps and makes for a testing ride that rarely settles on flat.


uppies doonies

doonies uppies

you get the picture

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