Wednesday, 4 April 2012

4 men and 23 gears

3 single speeds and a 2x10
This guffer's 'go to' bike for the last few months has been a Lemond Alpe D'Huez. Sunday's route was off road, so with a touch of fitness in the legs, super dry trails and a sunny outlook, the 29er SS was wheeled out. The pre-ride chat and mentions of unheard of trails proved without doubt that I'd been neglecting the knobbly tyres. That stream of consciousness became even more apparent when the hoops began to turn. 

My pace has been recorded in perpetuity by Strava. The route darted through woods of pines and canopies of oak, birch and elm all coming into bloom. It appears that Strava never dropped a signal and I now have a map of the route for future forays into the woods. My rustiness was recorded through scrapes, these are now acting as very persuasive prompts that I must venture out more into the woods. Thankfully those scrapes will heal, but what remains is the fact (for me anyway) that a base fitness for road riding is very different to the fitness and mindset required for the trails.

Sunday's experience of the local trails begged the question - with a few hours to spare, why go anywhere else? A fantastic combination of technical singletrack, 'chewing the handlebars' climbs and flowing descents that open out to some epic views are on the doorstep. Oh, and there is also the chat, encouragement and local trail building skills of a great bunch of riders.

Stay upright

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