Thursday, 22 March 2012

Katrina and the Waves

Loch Katrine
Visitors to cyclesguff may have read comments and thoughts on sportive events. Even though some of the feelings nod towards the critical end of the spectrum, we still sign up and join the bunch in pursuit of cycling bliss. This weekend is proof of that, three guffers are off to ride the Cheshire Cat, keep an eye out for a future post.

The cyclesguff inbox had a nice invite from Evans to cycle on some cracking local roads. However, they are planning to charge £5 for the fun. There was also another hook, the offer of hiring a Garmin unit to trial for 'FREE', oh and a High5 energy product. That amounts to a total saving of £7 over the normal entry fee. There are undoubtedly costs associated in planning, promoting and running a Sportive. Evans, cyclesguff salutes you for charging less than the rest and offering a test of some high end kit.........However, a word of warning, the Garmin won't be worth a wee coulter's candy - Evans are offering 'sportive rides darting past Loch Katrina in the heart of The Trossachs'. For those of you that don't know the local roads that cyclesguff pedal, Loch KATRINE is well worth a visit. In fact, Sir Walter Scott was so smitten he wrote a rather famous poem about it.

If you do sign up for the Evans event and you are new to the area, you are in for a treat. The Trossachs are a magical place, best enjoyed on a bicycle, on or off road it doesn't matter.

Another option is the recently announced Robert Millar Sportive. This event is set to take place on the 27th May.  If there was a guarantee to see Robert Millar tackle the 'Tak ma Doon', this guffer would happily pay the £35 entry fee. Then again, the fee also supports young racers.

Stay upright

ps sorry about the number of links in this post

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