Friday, 13 January 2012

Night time cuddles

Dr Dawson called with the welcome 'I'm thinking of ways to make you hurt in 2012'. Oh dear, what are we signing up for now? I was looking forward to a steady pace road ride this Sunday and am not even in the frame of mind, never mind the physical shape for bike related pain. Then again we are at the outset of 2012, the sky is blue and with an optimistic outlook I was ready for what was next 'what are you doing on the 13-14 October?' Yes! I certainly had time to prepare. I've now checked the Bear Bones 200 event details and have started to consider rides in preparation for the event.

The Caledonia Etape will be the first major test of 2012. There are a few new sportives that look interesting that cover old training roads and have a variety of challenging terrain.  Fellow guffers are off to ride a few of the spring classics, Amstel Gold in April and Paris-Roubaix in June, so training with them will provide time to condition and build the stamina for a potential trip to the French Alps July-August. 

The big mtb challenges prior to BB200 have yet to be explored. One challenge that is definitely on, is an assault of the West Highland Way - the timing of that will be dependent on midges.

It's only the girls that bite

 Stay upright

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