Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lack of Social Fitness

The plan for the ride was to head out with a small group at 9:30, 60+k over local roads and then home. The plan didn't last long, a poorly wife and two hyper kids put an end to an early 'escape'. The free pass would come my way later in the day, so with time to spare I decided to sync the iphone and start using Strava. If you have an iphone, Garmin etc and haven't used Strava, don't hang about, give it a go. For those on android keep an eye on strava

UPDATE: Strava is now available for android

The interface ticks the boxes with a clean simple layout that is broken down into various sections. It was recently named as the "Technical Innovation of the Year" by VeloNews and to make things even better, it's free. I've paid more for apps that aren't even close to Strava in terms of content, features and the very hard to develop - joy of use. The feature that allows you to compare other riders on segments of your ride will no doubt become addictive. There's also a premium version that's caught my interest....

The ride was too short, just a smidgen under 45k. The roads were quiet and a tad slippy with sections of ice and slush. The sky was clear and the wind almost non-existent. The pic above was taken almost two years ago to the day. There was some ice at the same point today, but nothing like what is shown above. Just shows how mild a winter Scotland is having. All in all, it was great day to be in the saddle, that experience continued when I uploaded the stats to Strava. 

The title of this post has nothing to do with previous mutterings about Trail Etiquette. Judging from the leader board of times posted on the segments section, there are some seriously fast folk out on those roads. I have to find more time to ride my bike and post some improved times.

Stay upright

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  1. Nice piece. Not sure if you quite intended this, but it implies Strava isn't yet available for Android, which it very definitely is. One of those rare occasions where the Android app is just as good as its iPhone cousin.