Sunday, 6 November 2011

Flak Jacket Filter

Ah, what a day! So far the month of November has been a blast (no pun Guy Fawkes) and today was a cracker - oh dear.... A chance to enjoy a leisurely pedal through the local woods with Dr Dawson and a cheeky coffee at Charlie's sounded like a good plan.

I very rarely carry anything more than an iPhone4 to take pics when out on the bike, so a considerable number of pics on this blog are from that little piece of magic.  A photographer pal showed me a great trick a few years back, put your shades in front of the lens and snap away. This tends to have drawbacks if you use anything larger than a point and shoot. If you have tiny lenses on your eye protection of choice, scale up my friend. The other problem is mud, and there was plenty of it today. Thankfully all the pics where taken before the real gloop test commenced. 

minus flak jacket

Today, the trails had an air of mystery and when you share them with horses, things can become a tad spooky. A huge beast with steam coming out of it's nostrils silhouetted against the sun and Scotch Mist can make a grown man shiver. There was also a ghost rider in them, there woods.

 Stay upright

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